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Intro to the revolution; the revolution is on standby. - this revolution is going straight to DVD [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mischa Lecter

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Intro to the revolution; the revolution is on standby. [Sep. 22nd, 2007|03:03 am]
Mischa Lecter
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

Hi. I'm a young (under 25) woman. I spend half my time complaining about things, and the other half trying to make changes (usually half-assed attempts). While some may see me as a young person of modern values (I'm a slightly modified vegetarian and my mohawk has since grown out, but yes, I've gone there). I go back and forth and can never pinpoint where I stand when it comes to my lifestyle. I don't quite identify as a vegan because I haven't completely committed to that lifestyle yet. Yes, I am a typical representation of my generation, but at the same time I like to entertain the thought that I have a very old soul. I love life.

I can say that I would love to be all barefoot and dreaded or even a stilleto-wearing fashionista. but honestly, image wise, I'm totally, completely, and depressingly ordinary. I usually make one drastic statement to speak for my image But always only just one. One at a time. That's how I roll. My choices usually never reflect correctly on who I am. I guess I should choose more carefully when picking my next faux-pas.

I have a signifigant other, and we've been together for a smidge over three years. His name is Lady Murasaki. (as far as anyone is concerned). We're not thinking of marriage. He’s amazing; I’m just very interested in enjoying my youth. I like to discuss my sex life. That's another explanation for the fake name. So now that I've introduced myself... Let the bitching begin!